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To follow this series, you have to “LIKE TO READ”. Just remember one thing- The military is always a thousand light years ahead of us. The Saudis 9/11 https://youtu.be/7oTazuCjfQ8 ************************************************************************************************************************************************************ Based Off a True Story. Year 1998, a fatal story emerged. This is 1,000 times worse than Wikileaks, another leak, the “Underground Movement” said. A Canadian Author pushing an opposite agenda, framed became Yildiz Ilkin. For the revenue of her work starting with her real book Blue Mountain Mist. An author privately known as “Hanna the Indian”. Sample Was Ben Johnson also Framed? A completely different story, this time of a lethal lobbyist group with a bigger blow. In the name of politics. The framing, and a cluster of wars (some hidden) the author calls the group C-3. It intertwines the collision of intellect with that of Church and-or in a handful, the warp Zionist agenda, of removing the middle class in a New World. It is an account of lawlessness and eight years of injury and horror to a Canadian Turkish National, whom is of Asiatic Native descent. A person who brought out the first language of earth and other important journals which were stolen. Hence, now becoming the victim of this hidden war. The story of why she became restricted and cloned. Her real book, the authentic version, due to the politics of the events that occurred, is now quietly being sold via underground. No different than the underground railway once upon a time in the history of the Americas. It’s a tale of when the little guy told all of them to please leave Kanada. The fear to follow in some higher up officials with the Ottoman module portion of her work that lead to the events in present day and the greed that brought defamation and the breaching of international Law by the richest, regarding the definition of identity to that of Native Statures. Only sold manually with no frill Marketing. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************ ****************************************************************************************************************** TO PURCHASE the genuine copy of Blue Mountain Mist is to please mail $45.00 (includes delivery) to: Vulture Lane Peak Box Kanat 118 Forest Ontario L3P1R1 Number of Quantities_______________________________ Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. Ignoring what anyone says. There was serious injury and so many of them opposing us. Our editing house is tiny. Thank you foreign backup & Law! ************************************************************************************************************************************************************ ****************************************************************************************************************** Summary: THE QUESTION 21 YEARS LATER, After the first attack of C-3? Today- why are you seeing all of this written material in its completely natural unedited form? Answer to push the authors, brother's leak (a known Turkologist), as a blessing! Year 1998. Versus their futuristic agenda, warfare, artificial intelligence, and excess money. What intercepted? The weight so heavy. Open the eyes of the poor Ilkin said and let them assess the rich for a better world. Especially in the role of Iraq, in DUMBING AND INJURING the America's. THE ORIGINAL STORY LUCIFER VS. ILKIN DIALOGUES: Remember you protecting me at 10, a private conversation, we are back together. This time to the death. I grew up by blacks in the era of Dr. King, do you know suk suk? Laugh- No, I am not so much, hmm, of a "Negro Native" we are actually a SHAMANIC Family. Dirty moves, Lucifer! Don't porcelain your slaves up too much - its already way too much pretty P***y. You love them? Think of everything like Ottoman territories. My work, was meant to push fairness. I am still dripping blood for it. I broke a record, you know that! This is the Longest Battle. Are you going to let me kill her? You know I would slash you too, like a gutted pig in a heartbeat. A blank time, her twisting the cutting transparent bondage. "CHECKMATE" LION, you should know I have Power. (What Lion, saw as a Blessed, at a very young age) The Future: Her Last Will & Testament – Twitter + Instagram/ starilkin. WOLF ******************************************************************************************************************************************************** Biography: Yildiz Ilkin Contemporary Turkic writer, historian, critic, and literary genius. Before 2000 ran a tiny somewhat left-wing publishing house on the side. Eventually editing and paving a highway of periodicals for her name for her journals on the detrimental causes and effects of the Iraq war. Her work with an underlying look at land is referencing the need for human progress and social betterment. She served imprisonment for several years for her vision on a sprinkle of Marxist -Luminist views for the future of the poor, that of Law and human rights. Shocking many including anthropologist, theologist, and environmentalist on the accuracy of her journals. Her brother is a famous underground Wolf Turkologist R’za Ilkin. Madison Group – www.othava.com

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